Azoospermia | Herbal Treatment for Male Infertility

Azoospermia | Herbal Treatment for Male Infertility

Azoospermia is a term that defines the absence of measurable amount of sperms in the semen. The patient may have a very low sperm count or may even be sterile. But that does not rule out the possibility of biological reproduction. Around 1% of males are affected by this problem and around 20% of infertility cases have been found to have this problem. Azoospermia is the term used when there is a complete absence of sperm in the is a male infertility disease. Azoospermia can have three main causes:

Nil Sperm in semen, Low Sperm Count, Azoospermia,

Hormonal problems
The testicles need pituitary hormones to be stimulated to make sperm. If these are absent or severely decreased, the testes will not maximally produce sperm.
Testicular Failure
This situation may be caused by genetic abnormalities.It is defined as an inability of the sperm producing part of the testicle to make adequate numbers of healthy sperm. This failure may occur at any stage in sperm production for a number of reasons. Either the testicle may completely lack the cells that divide to become sperm or there may be an inability of the sperm to complete their development
A varicocele is dilated veins in the scrotum. These veins are dilated because the blood does not drain properly from them. These dilated veins allow extra blood to pool in the scrotum, which has a negative effect on sperm production

Classification of Azoospermia

Pre-Testicular Azoospermia: It is categorized by lack of proper stimulation of the testes due to improper amounts od FSH. Chemotherapy can be a cause and 2% of Azoospermia is of this kind.

Testicular Azoospermia: It is usually a congenital problem and is caused due to abnormal testes. The FSH level are sent o elevated, but the organ is unable to produce sperm or the sperms don’t mature during spermatogenesis.

Post Testicular Azoospermia: This is caused by inability to ejaculate the sperms. The sperms are produced but fail to reach the semen. This is due to obstruction of the genital tract immediately after the testicles. This may have congenital reasons, or it can be acquired due to infections. Vasectomy is mostly the most prominent reason of this kind of infertility and it occurs in 7-51% of men suffering from azoospermia.

Diagnosis of Azoospermia

Like most of the infertility problems, the azoospermia is investigated through a series of steps. Starting with a thorough physical investigation of scrotum and testes, lab tests etc. the history of the male is examined which includes general health, past fertility, sexual health, activity and libido. Exposure to possible causes is studied and mapped. And the history of past surgical procedures needs to be checked. if that critical level of sperm production is not met, there may still be mature sperm in the testis that do not make it into the ejaculate. One important point concerning this diagnosis is that although no sperm are found in the ejaculate, there are often usable sperm found in the testis, as not all sperm that are made in the testis actually make it into the ejaculate.

Evaluation of Azoospermia
Thorough review of medical problems, exposures, past surgery, medications, and family history is undertaken in the office to help define causes of azoospermia. Then, a brief, well-performed physical examination is performed. Third, blood tests are taken that include testosterone and follicle stimulating hormone (FSH). Fourth, two semen samples are needed. With each sample, a standard semen analysis is performed. If no sperm are found, then the semen sample undergoes an additional evaluation in which the sample is “spun” down in a centrifuge to concentrate small numbers of sperm at the bottom of the tube.

Treatment of Azoospermia

Infertility caused by pre and post testicular azoospermia can be cured in most cases, while testicular azoospermia is not. Hormone therapy is mainly considered for the pre- testicular azoospermia. This infertility is treated by use of gonadotropins. The post-testicular azoospermia is treated in the surgical way. The advancement in medical technologies has evolved IVF and ICSI in which successful fertilization is achieved by immature sperms or sperms are taken directly from the tissue.

Thus those suffering from infertility caused by azoospermia need not be disheartened. There is a fair possibility of reproduction in the natural way after a treatment. And even if your kind of infertility is incurable, you can go for the artificial methods.

While azoospermia is a male infertility problem, women too suffer from infertility. And that is mostly due to health problems. Women’s body as well as life is complex and delicate. Health care for women is an essential part of their lives. Sperm are not found in the ejaculate, then there is either obstruction or blockage in the reproductive tract or sperm is not being made at levels sufficient to get into the ejaculate. A blockage can be due to prior infection, surgery, prostatic cysts, injury. n cases of azoospermia that is not due to blockage, termed non obstructive azoospermia, medical treatment can help some men develop ejaculated sperm in most instances however, the only hope for building a biological family is to use sperm retrieved from the testis with assisted reproduction. One of the most difficult aspects of non obstructive azoospermia is that only 50%-60% of men will have usable testicular sperm.
Alternatively, patients with blockage can undergo sperm retrieval and use assisted reproductive technology to conceive. Please bear in mind that the use of assisted reproduction is the more expensive option of the two in general and involves conceiving in the laboratory and not in the comfort of your own home.

Herbal treatment for azoospermia (male infertility) is Baby tone capsule. In view of modern medical science, the production of sperm in male body is very complex mechanism, which involves various organs, glands and hormones secreted from the glands. Not only this, but the whole system should function harmoniously. Sperm takes 74 days to produce and mature and therefore there is often a 4 to 6 months delay between treatment of the male and resulting changes in the sperm. If we make the statement in other way – according to modern science it improves sperm count before 74 days. But our Baby tone Capsule start increasing sperm count within 45 days.
It is concluded from many studies that each succeeding generation of human species is born with diminished physical and mental strengths compared to their ancestors. Among others, the main reason is the characteristic of genes acquired in heredity. The genes are basically transmitted only through sperm, so the quality of sperm is very important in this factor. With Baby Tone Capsule, reverses the diminution in physical and mental strengths to ensure strong and healthy generations.


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