Depression and impotence – what’s the link?

Depression and impotence – what’s the link?

Unfortunately a lot of men and too many women believe it is the man’s role in the bedroom to always take the lead when it comes time for sexual pleasures. That expectation and attitude will destroy many desires with both partners. It becomes a double problem if something else is not right.

Depression impotence-is the cause of impotence

Depression leads to Impotence in certain manner. There is a certain amount of anxiety attached to this condition and it becomes very difficult for some men to come to terms with it. Failure to sustain an erection during sexual intercourse can cause a lot of frustration and stress, which directly affects the state of mind, thus leading to depression. Depression has different characteristics in men than in women, because it affects the masculine sexuality. When a man is depressed he has no erection, especially if his depression was provoked by betrayal and infidelity.

Impotence from Depression Will have some Men believing they are totally inadequate in life. It is not uncommon for a large percentage of men to refuse to talk about their “sexual problems” until it has destroyed most of what they cherish in their life. too many men treat Impotence with fear rather than as a warning that something (that can be fixed) is not right. Remember the true pleasures are in the mind. You can not experience truly good sex if your heart and your mind are not fully turned on and tuned in. If your Impotence from Depression or Anxiety is being caused only by emotional and associated feelings, worrying about it is only going to increase your fears.

depression and anxiety cause impotence in men's

The pleasures found deep in your soul from the beauty of true love making will over ride most fears and concerns that come from the negative influences contributing to your Impotence from Depression or Anxiety. An impotent person can not be sexually healthy and can not lead a happy sex life. Depression strikes him as well as his partner.
People are depressed because. failure to achieve a satisfactory erection, whatever the cause, leads in time to so called performance anxiety. In other words, the more anxious you become about the problem, the less likely you are to be successful. Depression and anxiety disorders are cited as the most common causes of psychological impotence. However, depression and anxiety can be both the cause and the consequence of impotence. In many cases, it can be very difficult to determine whether depression and anxiety disorders cause impotence, or if impotence leads to feelings of depression and anxiety.
Depression can cause psychological impotence because it interferes with the brain function necessary to stimulate sexual arousal and produce an erection. Depression also suppresses positive feelings and emotions, which inhibit libido and the desire for sexual activity.

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