female infertility cause is Premature Ovarian Failure

female infertility cause is Premature Ovarian Failure

About Premature Ovarian Failure

This presents a rare and as of yet unexplainable cause of an ovulation. Some women cease menstruation and begin menopause before normal age. It is hypothesized that their natural supply of eggs has been depleted or that the majority of cases occur in extremely athletic women with a long history of low body weight and extensive exercise.There is also a genetic possibility for this condition. Premature ovarian failure is a condition that decline in normal functioning of the ovaries in a woman younger than 40 years of age.

Symptoms of Premature Ovarian Failure
• Irregular menstrual period
• Infertility
• Hot flashes, night sweats
• Irritability, poor concentration
• Decreased libido
• Vaginal dryness

Premature ovarian failure to describe a stop in normal functioning of the ovaries in a woman under the age of 40. Many women naturally experience a decline in fertility at age 40, this age may also mark the beginning of irregularities in their menstrual cycles that signal the onset of menopause. for women with POF, the fertility decline and menstrual irregularities occur before age 40, sometimes even in the teens.

A woman with POF is much more likely to have periods, even though they might not come regularly. There is virtually no chance for a woman who has gone through menopause naturally to get pregnant. Premature Ovarian Failure results in Infertility, the most discussed problem about women. There are some additional implications on the health of woman caused by this problem like ‘Osteoporosis’ (decreased bone density) is very likely to affect all women early menopause because of the estrogen insufficiency. Also, it has been found that there is a high risk of heart disease, hypothyroidism and other auto-immune disorders.

Causes Of Premature Ovarian Failure (POF)
Unfortunately, for most women the cause is unknown. There are, however, some causes that may be identified which include:

• Autoimmune disorder
• Genetics
• The end of a treatment for cancer with radiation or chemotherapy
• Hysterectomy with both ovaries removed
• Thyroid dysfunction
• Turner syndrome
• Viral infection
• Inadequate gondaotropin secretion or action
• Eating Disorders

Is there a difference between Premature Ovarian Failure (POF) and Menopause?

Menopause usually occurs on average around age 51. Premature ovarian failure can occur at any age before 40, usually on average around age 27. When a woman experiences menopause, she no longer has follicles to produce into eggs and therefore no longer gets her menstrual period.
A woman with premature ovarian failure, or premature menopause, may still have follicles, but there may be a depletion or dysfunction of these. Therefore, she can still get her period; however, most of the time her period is irregular. Irregular periods are one of the signs for POF. Keep in mind that there may be other explanations for an irregular period. Always discuss any irregularity in your menstrual cycle with your healthcare provider.

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