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I am writing this letter to help other women, who find themselves in a position in which I was once. I had problems getting pregnant for 2 years. I have tried different treatment, but all of them was not able not get me a child. Eventually one of my friends told me about your Baby capsule. I have started Baby capsule herbal treatment, and even though it was a natural process, I have never realized before I persisted. Guess what? it was five months later that I found out to my amaze that I am fifth week pregnant. I found out while I was on a trip to lansdowne. I am not sure if you were able in Kotdwar to hear me screaming (of joy) all the way from there. There are only two words I can summarize my experience with: Thank You.

Pooja, Meerut, India

I wanted to share my story with other patients who consider your services. I have been taking herbs for 6 months, and while I did not get pregnant I went to a reproductive endocrinologist to try IVF. The RE told me at the 3rd day blood test that my FSH was high-28 so I was disqualified for the IVF. He suggested I should go for Baby capsule. To my amazement, this same month we conceived naturally. I was sure I’ll miscarry, but I am 25 weeks now and everything seems great. I am so thankful for your help, as this could have never happened without you.

Shakti, New Delhi

I just wanted to share some great news with you.. My husband and I met with you last October and by December I was pregnant. On August 11th we welcomed a beautiful very healthy happy little boy! We named him Andy. We thank you for making our dream come true. His birth was very emotional for us. We continue to tell all our friends, family members and coworkers about you and your website. We will be back to you for our next one when we are ready! We have included a picture of our miracle! Thanks again!

Annie and Chris (London)

An amazing thing happened. My wife did not get her period, and did a pregnancy test which came up with a second line indicating she may be pregnant. It was a faint line but it was definitely there and she never ever had one before, and she checks herself every month. We are going to repeat the test tomorrow.She did not have capsule tonight we wanted to know if she should continue with it. Please email me tomorrow. Also we wanted to continue with treatments even if she is pregnant. And need to know about your post conception programs. I look forward to your email. Thank you for all your help.

AJ. Hampshire

I was suffering from infertility .After many years of marriage I was not able to conceive and all reports where totally normal, After taking Baby herbal capsule treatment of both couple, results were excellent. Medicines used were safe, effective, and affordable and without any side effects. I will able to conceive after regular usage of herbs.

Nisha Parekh

I was suffering from ovarian cyst & irregular cycle since many years, this resulted in infertility .After taking Baby herbal capsule treatment, results were excellent. Medicines used were safe, effective and affordable and without any side effects. And I was able to conceive a baby boy too. Thank you very much.

Anita Goel