How to Gain Weight Fast for Girls

gain weight and build muscle.

Although teenage obesity is one of the major concerns in today’s youth, being too skinny isn’t a cool thing either. Since the issue of weight is a touchy subject for most of us, whether you’re overweight or underweight, it can be difficult for some girls to deal with it. If you are skinny and looking for ways on how to gain weight fast for girls, perhaps this is the article for you.

The main issue with skinny girls are either (or both) genes and super active metabolism. These factors can make weight gain slightly difficult. For proper, yet fast weight gain for girls, the first thing you need to do is visit a doctor or health nutritionist. In the following article, we will tell you how you can successfully gain weight in a healthy way.

What to Eat to Gain Weight Fast for Girls

In order to know how to gain weight, first we need to know what kind of “weight gain” are we talking about, as there are 2 distinct meanings. The first type of weight gain is gaining muscle fat, and the second type of weight gain is in fat. As some girls can be victims of “late blooming”, being naturally skinny is a frustrating time for some. So how can a girl gain weight fast? Below are some weight gain tips which you can follow.

Tip #1: Consuming more calories than you exhaust

The first and foremost tip on how to gain weight fast for girls is to eat more calories throughout the day than they burn. These extra calories will be stored in your body for whenever you need energy and don’t eat enough food. Now, eating more calories doesn’t necessarily mean eating junk foods. There are high calorie foods that make you gain weight such as vegetables and fruits; they increase your overall calorie intake. Have pasta, bread, potatoes, and chicken as well. Eating more often during the day, let’s say about 6 small meals, will keep you full through the day. You can incorporate couple ofhealthy snacks for 2 meals during the day and gain weight pretty quickly.

Tip #2: Understand that muscle weight is higher than fat

As we discussed earlier that there are 2 meanings of gaining weight, in fat and muscle, the healthier choice is to opt for muscle building. By increasing your muscle mass, you can easily gain weight fast. Plus, while gaining weight, doing proper exercises is also important. As the pounds begin to increase, you don’t want it to just stick to you anywhere and alter your body shape. With exercises, you can tone your body, increase muscle strength, and keep your body strong.

Tip #3: Eat in the night as well

Eating foods, again healthy snacks only, half an hour before you’re about to go to bed will keep your body from burning it too quickly. This is a hidden tip on how to gain weight fast for girls that not many know about. Eat something that is high in calories and protein, and you’re good to go. Don’t forget to brush afterward.

Tip #4: Cut down on caffeine drinks

While you learned about which foods to eat to gain weight, there are certain items you should cut down or stay away from. Coffee and aerated drinks contain too much of caffeine and can suppress your appetite. And if you wish to stick to the “6 small meals in a day” routine, you will have to keep these beverages away from you. Don’t increase your calorie count by drinking aerated drinks. Instead, make a protein powder smoothie and help build muscles.

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