Impotence – Indication of Heart Disease | Problems

Impotence – Indication of Heart Disease | Problems

Impotence is defined as the inability to maintain an erection firm enough for intercourse. The absence of a full erection does not mean that a man has lost the ability to have orgasms and ejaculate; since these functions are controlled by different nerves, each can occur in the absence of the others, if particular nerves are damaged. An impotent man may still desire sex, but avoid it.

Impotence indicates heart diseases because impotence is observed majority of patients suffering from heart diseases. So, it was observed that the impotence and heart diseases are inter-related, whereas impotence is one of the symptoms of the heart disease.

Many people who suffer a heart attack had never had any symptoms of heart disease. Of the roughly 5,000 individuals who die of sudden cardiac arrest in Sweden each year, two thirds had not had any known heart disease. But in men there is one thing that should constitute a advance sign of coming heart problems is impotence.

Men with damaged blood vessels in the penis and they strongly believe that male who suffer from damaged blood vessels in the penis are at greater risk of having similar damage elsewhere in the body, including the heart, brain, legs and kidneys. Their research found that the process which lead to heart attacks and strokes could be seen as ED before it appears in other arteries. Blood vessels that supply the penis are narrower than those in other parts of the body and it also noted that not every case of impotence was linked to heart disease. Heart disease is also preventable; quit smoking, start exercising, eat a balanced diet while limiting high fat foods and follow your doctors treatment plan if you have diabetes or high blood pressure.

Sexual myths which may need to be challenged

  • A man should always be ready for sex
  • Men are sexual and not emotional
  • All touching is sexual and should lead to sex
  • A large hard penis is very important to a woman
  • The penis should always become fully erect without being touched
  • Intercourse should last for at least fifteen minutes
  • A man can save himself by not masturbating
  • Good sex is always spontaneous
  • A man should always be able to give a woman an orgasm in intercourse

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