Test your Impotence | A way to Diagnosis

Test your Impotence | A way to Diagnosis

Impotence is an inability to sexually satisfy your female partner. In this situation man is not able to get an erection or unable to do long intercourse. For some person, it means they are unable to ejaculate during intercourse. In others word we can say that, it is a consistent inability to achieve and maintain an erection sufficient for satisfactory sexual activity.

Different approach to test Impotence

Stamp test for ED

Stamp Test
The most basic test is the stamp test, in which a row of postage stamps is wrapped around the penis at night. if the perforations break during the night it indicates an erection occurred.

Test of vascular function
the simplest and most practical test of vascular function is the response to intracorporeal vaso-active injection. It helps to diagnosis, if the blood supply to his penis is adequate and can be sufficiently improved to induce an erection.
test for ED

ICI test
a major breakthrough in the diagnosis of male impotence was accomplished with the discovery of pharmacologically inducible erection by ICI of vasoactive agents. a practical purpose for an ICI test is the assessment of erectile capacity.

Color Doppler Imaging
The development and application of sonographic equipment have experienced tremendous growth. This technique can detect the direction of blood flow and uses various depths of sampling. Coupling of the device to a spectral analyzer made it possible to obtain a printed doppler velocity waveform of the vessel under study. Blood flow velocity waveform analysis and ultra sonographic imaging are combined to assess anatomical and functional parameters of stimulated penile circulation simultaneously.

Cavernosometry is the primary modality available for quantifying and mapping veno-occlusive dysfunction in men with erectile failure, although its ability to differentiate between the types of veno-occlusive dysfunction is limited.

test for impotence or Erectile dysfunction

Psychological screening
It is a process to reveal several key factors that lead to impotence problems and help with the erectile dysfunction diagnosis. Questionnaires and interviews are often used to determine various psychological elements related to a patient’s life. Doctors often recommend the interviewing of the sexual partner, who might also reveal essential information.

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