Erectile Dyfunction (Impotence) Cause | Vascular Disease

Erectile Dyfunction (Impotence) Cause | Vascular Disease

Penile venous leakage vascular diseases restrict blood flow to the penis. Vascular diseases may be responsible for causing Erectile Dysfunction in as much as 50% to 70% of men who develop the ED condition. The rigidity of an penis erection is more of a function of blood flow. Healthy arteries will facilitate an inflow of blood in response to the dilation or opening of the channels.

Vascular disease cause impotence

In the elderly, erectile dysfunction can be a wake-up call that you are at risk of heart attack, giving clear indications of the incidence of a heart attack up to three years in advance. With timely and appropriate treatment, you can expect ED cure and enjoy a normal life. More importantly, appropriate ED treatment may slow down plaque growing in your arteries and delay life-threatening coronary artery disease (i.e., known as heart disease or heart attack).

An inadequate blockage to either natural or drug stimulation suggests good arterial filling but failure to trap blood within the erectile tissue. Veins, which drain the erectile spaces, may leak inappropriately and a soft, weak or limp erectile response or a rapid loss of erection is often the result. This failure of the veno-occlusive mechanism lets the pressure out, and is the single most common cause of impotence. It may co-exist with poor arterial inflow, hormone abnormalities or both.
• hormone replacement
• arterial stimulation by drug for flow deficiency
• Penile constriction band (cock ring, penis ring)
• surgical correction by arterial and/or venous surgery
• artificial penile implantation of device of choice

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